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Switching to renewable energy is the best thing we can all do for the planet right now. As a result, renewable energy has become a main area of focus for us at TT Electrical, as it has for many of our customers too.

Our team are fully qualified to install and connect electrical renewable systems safely, effectively and within regulations. We're proud to offer our customers this service, but we understand that you may have many questions before you feel able to fully commit. We therefore urge you to get in touch and discuss your concerns with us - we'll be happy to discuss the best source of renewable energy for your home or business.

What we offer

EV Charging

We can provide electric vehicle charging solutions for a variety of settings. Allowing you to conveniently charge your car at home. Our electricians have both the experience and qualifications to ensure a high-quality installation.

If you'd like information on installing EV charge points at your business/workplace - please do get in touch.

If you're looking for general information on EV charge points, please visit our blog page where we discuss the benefits of using an electrician for the installation. We've also provided information on current government grants.

EV Charging

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