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As local electricians in Malvern, Worcestershire we've worked on countless electrical projects over the years of varying size and complexity. Below is just a handful of projects to give you an idea of the electrical work we've carried out in the past.

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domestic lighting in malvern oak kitchen
Domestic: Lighting

Pictured is a centre piece light fitting hanging from the apex of a solid oak kitchen extension. The fitting is finished with squirrel caged lamps controlled by a dimmer making it easy to adjust the lighting for any mood

external lighting embedded in a patio in malvern
Domestic: External Lighting

The use of a light fitting that solely angles the light downwards looks great to highlight any desired feature(s). External lighting can be controlled by automatic detection, dusk until dawn (photocell) or by simply switching them.

commercial shop lighting for gordon smiths shop
Commercial: Shop Lighting

Here we have updated a cookshop in Malvern's lighting to more efficient and more effective high quality light fittings. Not only has it highlighted the products on sale, they have also benefitted from huge savings on electricity bills.

school sportshall lighting in malvern
Commercial: Lighting

The pictured lighting was installed high up in a school sportshall. The lighting pictured here was a huge upgrade in brightness and efficiency compared to the original setup.

3 phase car ramp power supply
Industrial: 3 Phase Supply

Pictured is just an example of the sort of thing that can be installed within an industrial environment. The 3 phase motor has been installed using armoured cable overhead and out of the way. Controlled by a triple pole rotary isolator. This supply powers a car ramp.

led strip lighting by tt electrical in malvern
Domestic: Custom Design

The floating shelf pictured has been carefully designed to give the best effect possible. After routing the extrusion into the shelf, we installed LED track tape lighting of a different lumen output from the top to the bottom. Once installed, controlled by a dimmer this looks great as a centre piece.

Managing Electrical
projects of any complexity

We work on a huge variety of electrical projects of all scales in Malvern and throughout Worcestershire.

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Weatherproof External Lighting

daytime external weatherproof lighting
nightime external weatherproof lighting

Pictured above is the same group of uplighters in the day and night.

The lights were installed to highlight the Malvern stone wall giving it a nice effect, however the customer requested the brightness to be at a particular level where it would not be invasive. Working closely with the landscapers we achieved the outcome which we believe is second to none.