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4 Reasons to use Solar Energy

It is said that; solar power is the key to a cleaner energy future. It has without doubt become the trend in renewable energy, with a large number of homeowners flocking to have solar panels installed.

Clearly, there are obvious financial benefits to solar energy, and in the current financial crisis it’s no surprise many of us are making the investment, hoping to seek long-term rewards. However, are there other benefits to installing solar panels?

Environmental Benefits

Due to the lack of emissions solar panels use when running, they have several environmental benefits. As solar energy relies entirely on gathering energy from the sun and converting into electricity (or hot water) for use in our home. Using the panels will cut out your creation of greenhouse gases and therefore your contribution to global warming.

This isn’t the only environmental benefit to solar panels; solar panels are also renewable. Therefore, there is plenty to go round, unlike fossil fuels which are in contrast; a finite source of energy.

Go off-grid

Boost your electricity independence with solar energy! Traditional electricity relies on fossil fuels, which are not only limited but also bad for the environment. The price of using fossil fuels have also become unpredictable. With current utility prices rising at an alarming rate, the security you achieve with panels will come as relief – the sun doesn’t increase rates!

Solar battery systems can also help store electricity for the evenings, nights and rainy days, allowing you to reach energy-independent status.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are known to last a long time with very little maintenance. Conventional heating methods require regular replacement and maintenance, causing a lot of waste (which isn’t particularly environmentally friendly), and can be costly. The average age of solar panels is 50 years, so you should be able to reap the rewards with very little set-back for many years to come.

Driving further research

Every time a solar panel is purchased, research is driven forward propelling further development in this area. We all have a collective responsibility to reduce the impact carbon is having on our planet, and by investing in solar energy you’re not only reducing your own impact, you’re also creating positive developments in this area of technology. Researchers continue to work on improving the efficiency of solar panels during the day and the efficiency of solar batteries for evening use – improvements in products result in a cleaner environment for all.

Here at TT Electrical, we are an electrical company, not just a ‘solar panel company’. We do not subcontract our installation of solar panels to other companies, but use our extensive knowledge to install and repair solar panels to the highest of standards. For further information on this service please do get in touch.

This article was written by TT Electrical. TT Electrical have over twenty years of combined professional experience, providing electrical services across Worcestershire. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website at or feel free to contact us at

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